Über uns

Trade-Service Venture Multiservice Sp. obviously is one of the leading deliverers on the whole-polish market of materials and equipment for building and repair of pipelines made of acid-resistant and stainless steel, such as :
- welded pipes in standards 304L and 316 L;
- elbows, tee-pieces, reducers according to ISO sizes, metric and ANSI B 16.9 in standards 304L and 316L both welded and stainless;
- flanges: flat, loose ( aluminium coated and non-coated),blind and collars;
- screwed fittings also with NPT thread;
- ball valves:threaded, butt welded and flanged ( also with actuator pad);
- cast-iron and stainless butterfly valves.
The list of goods is constantly widened according to the consumers' needs.Our main goal is aimed at the growth of the clients' appreciation and satisfaction.It was the main reason for introducting the System of Quality Controle as far as acid-resistant steel is concerned.We hope that these measures will meet Your expectations.